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Originally posted by ranrightintomyheart. Tempt me. It was early when you woke up alone in your bed, there was trash everywhere and he used up all the cold water in the shower.

You picked up the trash he decided to leave on your floor, bed and table, it was literally everywhere but the trash can. After you finished you wrapped your arms around you for warmth.

You were freezing from the shower you had just took so you threw on a sweater you may or may not have stolen from Sam. It was so big on you that it overlapped the short shorts you had on. Pepper was an amazing cook and every morning she had a huge breakfast for everyone, you were nearly on the opposite side of the tower and you could smell it from your room. Eventually you found yourself wandering towards the kitchen and melting from the beautiful fragrance of eggs and bacon.

Pepper was already out of the kitchen, food laid out on the counter. Sam, Bucky, Steve, and Pietro were already sitting at the table eating the delicious meal left for them. Your stomach made a horrible noise, taking notice you walked towards the food before making yourself a plate.

In the corner of your eyes you could see the way Pietro was looking at you, along with Sam. While looking you could see the anger raging off of Pietro. His murdering gaze focused on Sam, then you, then Sam. Nobody seemed to notice, either their eyes were on you or on their food.

You silently laughed to yourself at the way he was acting, this was going to be fun. After a moment of searching and a moment of irritation you slammed your hands onto the counter and looked at the boys. Could have said that earlier but thank you, Bucky. You considered hopping onto the counter but last time you did that Tony scolded you like a damn child.

Your eyes wandered over them, specifically Pietro. Two can play it that game, asshole. He placed his hands on your hips before holding you up. Pietro eyes were glued onto you and Sam. It was the perfect position for him to get mad, irritated, angry, all of the above.So you hated parties. They were so noisy and boring and there were soooo many people! But your dad, Tony Stark, happened to love parties. Every reason he has to celebrate became a giant party.

And Christmas Eve was definitely no exception. How about you grab us another bottle? Another bottle! You rolled your eyes at the women who were clearly either totally drunk, or just completely fake You were willing to bet they were both and set down your book. You were just getting to the good part! You stood and walked over to the bar.

She usually did, since she mixed the best drinks. So you were told anyway.

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Then he caught sight of a flask on the top shelf. That sounded like a challenge. Really Piet. You backed up until you were against the wall. It was sloppy and wet and not at all how you imagined your first kiss.

You shoved him away from you and he grinned.

pietro maximoff x reader hickey

You can help me up the stairs. You helped Pietro up the first few stairs, but it felt more like you were carrying him, since the speedster was basically using you to support his entire body weight. By the time you got up the first flight, you were exhausted. You walked into the bathroom and filled a paper cup with water.

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When you returned, Pietro was already curled up under your covers. You sighed and waited for him to finish the water.Originally posted by littlemisssyreid. I run passed Natasha, knocking off the armed men on her side. We were sent on this mission, along with Steve, Sam and Wanda.

We were originally here to infiltrate a base and steal data, but it all went South when Sam accidentally set off an alarm. I feel a sharp pain in my back. Upper and lower. I turn around and see a man with a gun, aiming it at me. I wince in pain and try to fight off the others around me. Steve knocks out the guy who just shot me, thankfully. I nod to him and go to help out my sister. Th pain in my back is aching to much that I could pass out.

But I have to keep going. I kick off some people who are standing by Sam. He points to behind me, and I was quick to dodge another bullet. I zoom passed Wanda and Steve to push the gunman into a wall and punched him in the chest.

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I did the same with a couple other people. Next thing, Wanda is trying to push a man off her as she is holding another down with her red mist. I run up to the man and throw him away from her. I hold Wanda up. We both turn away and try to help the others.

I can tell that she is really stressing now. I sigh and mute the T. And once they are, you can smother your little baby later. F: The other half of your team has arrived back.

I got the files. But Pietro needs assistance. I hear Steve and his group waltz into the area. I look up and smile.It ends up being the baby sister that they thought died when their house was bombed. Hope you like it! Written as third person not reader POV. Also kinda short. Also willing to do a sequel. Originally posted by anthvnystcrk.

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Pietro and Wanda walked arm in arm through the cemetery, taking slow and deliberate steps towards their parents grave. They continued to walk in silence until they could see the grave, and the unknown young girl kneeling in front of them… The siblings exchanged a glance as they watched the girl place a bouquet on the gravestone.

The girl took a deep breath and stood, before turning around and walking away from the grave. When she turned, the twins gasped. They froze where they were. They had been under the impression that she had died in the bombing. Her name was on a gravestone opposite their parents. I only ever saw the scientists with the masks and they did things to me. They experimented, I. She sent him a grateful smile. I have. Wanda and Pietro exchanged a glance. Wanda turned back to her sister and created a red ball of energy in her hand to show off her powers.

Pietro zoomed away and returned a second later with a rose, her favorite flower, handing it to his youngest sister.

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Warnings: language Originally posted by anthvnystcrk Pietro and Wanda walked arm in arm through the cemetery, taking slow and deliberate steps towards their parents grave.

May 27, Part Two. After the battle of Sokovia, he became an even bigger part of your life when you threatened him for almost dying and accidentally slipped up about your feelings. Now, everything is absolutely perfect. But it all goes downhill when H.

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My inbox is always open, so if you just wanna talk about life or request anything, go right ahead. I apologize, there is only a brief mention of powers in this part, but trust me, there will be more. The next one will introduce a lot more of the plot.

Are you hurt? My best friend immediately drops to the ground, laughing hysterically. The spider that was terrorizing me, is nowhere to be found. In a swift movement, I slap away whatever was on my neck. Somehow, this encourages it to crawl further up my arm. My grip on the towel tightens as I run down the hall to the kitchen, leaving behind a hysterical Wanda.

His face flushes a deep red. He swallows hard and hurries to my side, delicately scooping up the spider and cupping it in his hands. Your room got flooded and it took two weeks to replace everything. I exhale and shut my eyes for a minute to calm my nerves. Suddenly, someone clears their throat from the other side of the room. She shakes her head and laughs as she makes her way down the hall.

Just like that, he speeds over and wraps his arms around my waist from behind, nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck. I close my eyes, melting into his embrace when I feel a slight tug on my towel. I look down, finding that my towel is falling down, little by little.

You up for some intense training?

pietro maximoff x reader hickey

You want to find out? I sigh as his hot breath tickles my skin, a smile creeping onto his face. You fall in love to Pietro at first sight and because of the similarity of your powers, you and Wanda have become friends.

You were lying in your cell have fun with the thoughts of some HYDRA agents until you heard confused and anxious thoughts. When you sit up in your bed, you saw by the window glass the twins, a boy and a girl, being escorted by two agents of their own volition to the experiment room where you were also subjected and gained your telepathic and telekinetic powers. You felt queasy, had chills on your spine and sweat in your hands.

Keep reading. Originally posted by maximofos. Im a new follower and goddamn i love your stuff, you are such a good writer. Thanks : - Anon.

JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.Please let me know if you want me to do another one with the X-Men and other X-Force type characters!

Thank you lovelies! Steve: As soon as Steve found out you were sick, he would come to your room with everything you would need. You normally spent every night in his bed, but he thought you would be more comfy in your own. He would rub your back or play with your hair as you watched movies and after one or two days you would feel so much better.

Tony: Tony would baby you so much when you were sick.

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He would make you drink orange juice and eat soup to keep your strength up. He would lay with you on the couch, covered in piles of blankets, trying to make you laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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Pietro: Pietro would finally slow down when you were sick. He would take a lazy day, lounging around with you, reading to you and playing games. Naps with you were his favorite thing ever and you never had a short supply of those while you were sick. Thor: Thor would fret over you constantly when you were sick. He gladly catered your every will. The first time you had a fever he thought you were going to explodeso he treated you extra carefully while you were sick. Wanda: Wanda would cuddle with you so much when you were sick.

She would try to take away some of your pain with her powers. She would rub your temples when you had a headache and made you paprikash to make you feel better. Peter:Peter would shower you with affection always and that was no exception when you were sick.

You would spend the rest of the day watching movies and tv shows, sharing body heat on the couch. Bucky: Bucky would be so protective of you when you were sick. He would carry you to the kitchen or bathroom despite your protests.

He would remind you how much he loved you and at the end of the day, you would curl around his cool metal arm to keep your fever from getting too hot. Summary: Bucky Barnes loves working as a preeschool teacher.

When a new teacher with flowers in her classroom and wildness in her eyes changes his whole life, how will Bucky react? What about the his girl?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply".

This work is a collection of various x Reader drabbles, headcanons, and preferences, cross-posted from Tumblr. Tags will be updated as I go. Feel free to make a request! I hope this change shows in the later drabbles compared to the first ones!

pietro maximoff x reader hickey

Peter is trying to deal with the voices in his head. Pietro wants to kick his drug habits. Love ensues as their paths cross. Often almost got caught by the cops because of the illegal street driver, but when the job was done, it paid the bills. But before all of that, she was in the military.

Because of that, she had connections.

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This is a collection of imagines [from my blog on tumblr - thranduilsperkybutt] involving Marvel characters! Only SFW fic is in this collection, so enjoy! Any additional warnings will be posted in each chapter's Notes. Love is a strong word that some people use to express how they feel about another person. After your divorce, your neighbor came into your life and flipped it upside down.

Ghost Adventure. Doctor Who. Hawaii Jurrasic World. Star Wars. Actors, singers. The Avengers are threatened by Ultron and his intentions and try to act before he reaches his goals.

They all try to settle out differences and work together. Every relationship has it's up and downs, it's domestics and life or death situations. It just seems to be more so for the relationships involving the Avengers. Come thick or thin you're in it together. Not sure how often I will get round to updating as I am Ill chronic illness. Sorry about not posting guys. My brain has been uncreative.

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I promise I will work on this! All characters here are either aged up or aged around the Reader if they are under age in the series.